Lol. Just checkin out the new ink, seein if the waters are nice and if a nice long swim is in order! Right On!



Recycled Pack Stash Box Project

Product. Stash Box with working hinge + hidden compartments. Handmade. Just send 2 bucks (unpainted) or 5 bucks (painted, not pictured) and 26 empty cigarette packs! (perferably not 100's or wides, or anything weird or special. i'll figure it out, but try to stick with uniformity).

Now i know this may seem odd, but if you could do me a favor and save some spare change and find your chain smoking friend and help my little recycling project.

if you are interested, email me at volcom1361@hotmail.com for shipping information or any other questions.

I URGE anyone who reads this entry to SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! I'm working with very limited social and technological tools, so i need everyones help. Use facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, myspace, i dont care! Any help is accepted.

P.S. handmade sticker packs soon?

much love



Breakfast is damn good. Oh yeah i still dont have internet, this is all done through my phone, therefore i have no way to actually see my page. If you are a fan reading this, THANKS! Hope you dig the stuff enough to show your friends! ill head somewhere with wifi soon. Stay Happy.

Not too recent, but a design i did on my macbook i never photographed. Not too bad?

"In this world we have not a lack of great ideas, but a lack of individuals ready and able to pursue such ideas."

After meditating most of this morning, that was one of the first things that popped in my head.