Exploration 8/4/09

Today, i was following a trail i found toward Union. It brought me right along side an abandoned factory complex. From what i could see there was about 3 different buildings.

One building was a long hanger style warehouse. It was pretty torn up, metal had been torn off the buildings exterior to construct jumps or barriers, most of which had been destroyed or dismantled.

The whole exterior and interior has been bombed by no names, and some familiar tags. Most done in a pretty shotty manner. Lots of empty space (I haven't yet determined the level of danger in exploring this place).

All other pictures from this set can be found on my Twitter! I'm heading back very soon to explore, so there will be more pictures of this new place soon!

oh man


Hidden Paint

Did this new tag. Quite hard to see actually. Its located about 20 feet down the side of a bike path, and at the time i just needed someplace to practice more. Its pretty alright. I'm slowly running out of supplies sadly.

Covered Up, Re Done

I had done a tag quite similar to this in the exact same place. I came back 2 days later to find it was painted over with that same boring gray paint i saw all around me. My work on the opposite wall was also painted over.

I am considering absolutely blowing this place up to the point where whomever is in charge of covering it up can't possibly handle it all.

I may need help though.

This Mornings Sketch

Just a quick sketch. 2 Colors. Small. Nice. Alright. Ok. Boombammshazam.